Get Into and Start Any Car with a Dead Key Fob Battery ...

First Steps…

Get Into and Start Any Keyless Start Car with a Dead Key Fob Battery!


  • Police officers
  • Firefighters
  • Locksmiths
  • Used car salespeople
  • Roadside assistance/tow truck drivers!

Learn the ins and outs of push button or key less start cars. Learn how to:

  • get into the car if the key fob or the start battery is dead using the dead key fob!
  • open a car with no visible key hole!
  • start a car with no obvious back up start plan for the dead key using the dead key fob!

There are no standards here, so we have assembled on-line training courses designed to familiarize you with the dozens of key fob styles and some 50 back up starting variations.

A full 15 manufacturers have chosen to hide key holes. And again, there is no standard way to expose it and the instructions are locked inside.

The Fob Learning Center will give you a leg up. The proximity key fobs chew their internal batteries in 18 months or less. A short enough time to leave drivers stranded and too long a time for the average guy or gal to remember what they might have been told just before leaving the lot or what they had to do the last time their fob went dead.

And with the instructions locked inside, you get a call. And you are supposed to solve the problem regardless of make, model or year.

We’ve spent thousands of hours finding this info and checking out these methods for ourselves, at a value nearly impossible to calculate. But we are offering these training courses in two modules for only $19.95 per module!

Or save nearly 20% by taking both for only $31.95.

By the time you’ve taken the two main modules, you’ll have the confidence to handle any of these cars as you come across them.

In Module 1, we will demonstrate locating and extracting the mechanical key included with every car — except two. But more on that in the course.

Take Module 2, starting the car, to learn the over 50 variations of starting methods. You didn’t expect standardization here either, did you??

Plus we have two bonus modules, free for taking both the open and start modules. They are first, help with restoring the car to original after you’ve uncovered the key hole, in case your customer wants help with it. And the second goes over what to do if a customer believes they’ve locked the keys in their trunk.

And we’ll be here to answer any questions you may have. So follow one of the links below right now, and we’ll get you started.

Finally, don’t worry. If you’re not happy, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

So don’t wait! Sign up now!

Module 1: Key Fobs and Hidden Key Holes – ENROLL ($19.95)
Module 2: Back-up Start Processes – ENROLL ($19.95
Take Both and Save Nearly 20%! – ENROLL ($31.95)