Get Into and Start Any Car with a Dead Key Fob Battery ...

Modules 1 and 2 Combined

The Combined Modules ($31.95 – nearly 20% if taken separately) takes you through Take bothModule 1, Key Fobs and Hidden Key Holes, and Module 2, Back-up Start Processes.

Module 1 is where we power through the various types of key fobs used with keyless or push button start vehicles and help you discover how to get access to hidden key holes.

Module 2 is where we cover the vast array of back-up start processes, by manufacturer, covering over 50 variations of starting methods.

By the time you’re done, you’ll have the confidence to handle any of these cars as you run into them and we’ll point you to resources you can download and keep for reference, yours free for signing on.

Plus we have two Bonus Modules, free for taking both the open and start segments. They are first, help with restoring the car to original after you’ve uncovered the key hole, in case your customer wants help with it. And the second goes over what to do if a customer believes they’ve locked the keys in their trunk.

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